How about you write me a blog post about it?

I'm so funny /s
Add the website to favorites, love the concept10 May 2019, 02:14:05
Oh ha ha so funny09 May 2019, 17:49:07
Post something09 May 2019, 11:14:48
Nobody posts, I guess the activity spike was from older users using more this service and not from new users discovering it, well, whatever, ahhhhh


hmmm25 April 2019, 19:46:21
this is a public blog please someone else rather than me post something so i dont feel alone20 April 2019, 20:16:28
Well, not really "made" it from scratch, I used Pillow to make a script to turn gifs into ascii gifs, the original image is someone i duckgoed, also my finger is hurt i bandaged it but now writing in a keyboard is kinda tricky.20 April 2019, 12:58:20
I made the background gif hehe20 April 2019, 12:56:01

echo "1";


see? it doesnt work so mother fucker dont try it19 April 2019, 16:53:07
that was not the first test19 April 2019, 16:52:29
This is the first test!!19 April 2019, 16:50:59
This is the first test!!19 April 2019, 16:46:08