Hi, if you are reading this you are probably interested in this website because nobody ever reads the about pages. This service is intended for fast file transfers between users.


If you want to use this file host, there are different methods, here are some of them:

This only uploads an image and copies the return:
curl -s -F "img=@/tmp/foo.png" -F "echo=" https://gnu.cat | xclip -selection clipboard
You obviously need curl and xclip as dependencies for this command.

You can always mask your identity if you don't trust me or even cloudflare as the dns with (torify|torsocks):
torify curl -F "img=@picture.png" -F "echo=" https://gnu.cat/
(Cloudflare does not re-route, check [privacy] for more information)


Go to the homepage and click "FILE" to select a file and then click "UPLOAD".
You should be redirected to the image file or, if not uploading a picture, to the download page. If you want to show a download page for a picture file take out the extension from the url, for example if it is gnu.cat/lol.png, use gnu.cat/lol to share it as a download.


 "txt" - Text to upload as text. Content: Text
 "img" - Name of the file. Content: File
 "echo" - Returns the url in text/plain instead of HTTP 302. Content: Blank


I think I'm going to remove the password thing so anyone can use it without other user with access already giving it to them.
Wipe out to CSS so it works with no JS. I really don't understand why I always use JS for this.
Inject the background video with JS so it doesn't load that ugly video blocker for noscript users.
Clean code (duplicated inner php cond).
Upload all code to GitLab once it's clean.
Think something for the contact section without mixing my different vanities.
Re-Think the cron jobs???? It feels so ugly to use two cron jobs for two different things, maybe just both in the same job but still feels dirty to use a cron job for a web service, doesn't it??
Moderate page not to load all images at once!

Something in mind? Check [contact]


No data about you is fetched or logged apart from the file you are posting, this includes metadata and GNU/Linux metadata (date posted).
This site works fine with no JavaScript, with tor or whatever method that masks your identity.

				ErrorLog /dev/null
				CustomLog /dev/null common
ErrorLog and CustomLog are not saved.

Info I save from you:
  • [1] The file you posted incl​uding its metadata.
  • [2] The date you posted the file.


If you want to delete something from this server, either because you wrongly uploaded something, you are a dictator or you are a flaming homosexual, I will delete the file. Period. I do not have more information than the file, and if you know a file is posted, you know its url, and all the information I have from the poster is the file itself, so you already have all I have. Moralfags do not apply for this.
For the request, refer to the contact section.


If you wish to contact me, do it throught my e-mail, I don't have e-mails for gnu.cat but you can find my persona one at my website <redacted temporarily>.
Do not worry, the e-mail will travel to your computer to my e-mail server following [RFC 8367] standard, no packets will be discriminated.

For law enforcements located in Finland, you can use your teleporting devices to teleport me to jail.

OK, so, the thing is I don't want to mix internet personas in the contact section, so just upload an email here: gnu.cat/write and tell me there what's wrong and I'll contact u ASAP. This is not a permanent solution, I will create a gnu.cat email in the future.


You should not be harassed for how you express yourself or your ideas. This includes taboo topics, political ideas, uncultivated debate, retard speech -5IQ amerimutt aka politically incorrect, debates about how society should change to accept different views and ideas, and everything that can come out from your mouth that is free speech and not harassment, but what is harassment?
                Kill the witch, executioner!  Or face the consequences of not doing your work!!
                [Totally fine free speech]    [This is not okay]
Violating the freedom of another person is not protected by freedom, it is called harassment.
If you disagree with someone, post harder.